Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keeping It Simple - Tel Aviv, Near Dizengoff Center

יאנה אודנופוזוב, 28, דוגמנית


curly said...

עוצרת נשימה

LadyMaya said...

Ahhh... so effortless! I guess when you're a beautiful model, it's hard to look bad no matter what you wear.
I would not think to combine that top with that skirt in a million years (something about the colors, the details and the fabrics that don't look like they belong together) but she did it, and it looks great!

sefi said...

זה מהממם. הצבעים עושים את זה יומיומי וגם חד פעמי. הפנים שלה יפות מאוד.

anis said...

מדהימה!!!!!!!! הכל ביחד פשוט מהמם!!