Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some Good News

The Street Walker has been selected to take part in the exhibition "From the Street to the Blog", at "Les Rencontres d'Arles"- Arles photography festival. i
So here are my plans for July: i
July 8-10: Arles (I'll be attending the opening of the exhibition). i
July 11-24 : The Street Walker will be in lovely Paris. i

France, here I come! i
Yael Sloma

I will be with my laptop, so expect for daily updates. i **


Anonymous said...

מזל טוב

Anonymous said...

it means no new photos in the close month?

Anonymous said...

Que blog tan interesante, bueno felicitaciones y agradeceria que pasaras por el mio si tenes ganas y tiempo ...saludos


fash said...

good luck, have fun!

mag duru said...

i had fun browsing your blog.
congratz to u n all the best in future..