Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ברחוב קינג ג'ורג', שני אחה"צ

שרונה, 20


heylove said...

if on the off change someone speaks english, I'm going to be traveling to Israel on Jan 3 through the 14 - is the weather really as warm as it looks? I'm in the US on the east coast - quite freezing. thanks! PS- I can't understand the Hebrew, but I love the looks and the photos are quite beautiful.

Anonymous said...

יפה מאוד!
אהבתי את השילוב צבעים של הטורקיז והחום ואת השילוב היפה בין השמלה לחולצה האפורה הארוכה שהיא שמה מתחתייה.
חוץ מזה שכל פריט לבוש פה מושלם
חוץ-...מהנעלים שהן קצת הרסו .

אלונה said...

הנעליים מזעזעות, וחבל, כי שאר הלוק נהדר.

danibot! said...

hi heylove,
well, the weather these days is a bit chilly and currently it's pouring in my town (i live near haifa.). so i'm just going to say that it's not as warm as it seems (:

have fun, darling.
january is pretty cold and rainy around here.

Oren said...

You should also put it mind that there might be a rainy day and a sunny one right after it. It changes. that's why I recommend you to take all sorts of clothes and don't forget it's not as cold as it gets in places like Canada. Oh, and you probably won't get to see any snow but i'm sure you've got loads in the states just about now.. have fun (:

Anonymous said...

מי זאת הכוסית ההורסת הזאת??